Hire us to bring yummy plant based recipes to your event.
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Delicious, decadent plant-based whole foods are our bread and nut-butter.

Our catering will nourish you and your guests with the finest organic and delicious cuisine that is ethically made and sustainably sources. Our food is free from nasty chemicals and preservatives, providing cruelty free, oil free and processed sugar free delights.

Sample Cuisines

All food is made in house with minimal processing and nothing pre-made – our team wash and peel every ingredient you receive from us, from farm to fork. Our cuisines range from Asian recipes to western staples and an extensive list of irresistible desserts and treats. Our specialized healthy eating regime will help reduce fatigue among employees which reduces likelihood of workplace accidents, loss of concentration and increases morale, output and general productivity. It is a win-win-win situation, helping individuals, the company and the planet!