Corporate Nutritional Programme

Having a corporate wellness plan helps your greatest assets – your staff.
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Our Corporate Nutritional Programmes are designed by plant based medical professionals to help introduce the concepts of healthy eating to employers and employees.

Our specialized healthy eating regime will help reduce fatigue among employees which reduces likelihood of workplace accidents, loss of concentration and increases morale, output and general productivity. It is a win-win-win situation, helping individuals, the company and the planet!

Individual Employee Consultation

We offer one on one consultations to employees to provide specific and individually tailored nutritional advice. A consultation allows review of a food diary, a pre-consult questionnaire and optional goal setting, educational materials and meal plans where necessary. This approach has found to increase weight loss, improve energy and activity at work, improve sleep and increased self-confidence and body image.

Individual Employee Consultation

Our corporate group seminars offer fun and interactive staff health seminars on a range of whole food plant-based lifestyle topics. This program offers engaging seminars, hands on food workshops that provide your team the knowledge and practical skills to improve your health and wellbeing. Participants of our seminars have reported increased awareness of food labels, informed food planning and improved workplace alcohol and food culture.